Welcome to dsdweb’s Study Guide for the Level 2 and Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care.

I want you to succeed in your Diploma, but it is imperative that you use the information on this website as a resource and write your portfolio work in your own words. If you copy and paste, then it is very likely that your tutor will find out and ask you to redo the work.


Explain why reflecting on work activities is an important way to develop knowledge skills and practice

Reflecting on work activities is a fantastic way of developing knowledge because it gives you breathing space to stand back, assess a situation and identify what you have done well and how you would do things better should a similar situation arise in the future. The process of managing a situation and reflecting on it …

Describe ways to ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of work

Whilst in a health & social care setting, a support worker should remain professional at all times and not let personal attitudes or beliefs interfere with their responsibilities. In my job role, I respect the attitudes and beliefs of others and do not try to force my own opinions on the people that I work …

Describe the duties & responsibilities of own role

My current role is to assist two young adults with learning disabilities and autism to live as independent a life as possible. This includes: helping with meal planning and preparation and maintaining a healthy diet helping to plan and organise activities finance management assisting with personal development helping to maintain a good standard of health …


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