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I want you to succeed in your Diploma, but it is imperative that you use the information on this website as a resource and write your portfolio work in your own words. If you copy and paste, then it is very likely that your tutor will find out and ask you to redo the work.


STUDY GUIDE: Unit 1 (SHC31) Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s s


3.3a Find out what consent model your organisation employs for personal data of people who access care and support

describe a situation where this has been put into practice When contracting us to provide their care and support, clients are informed that staff may share their information with other professionals and/or their families as long as it is in their best interests and on a need-to-know basis. Clients can choose to sign to agree …

3.2b Use this template to consider the effectiveness of the systems you have identified above.

What is/are the main reasons for having systems? To ensure adherence to legislation and good practice, that confidential information is secure and correct records are kept. Who is the information and data for? The information is for staff, clients and the business. Who owns the data and information? The company owns the data how do …

3.2a Reflect on your own information management system. For each piece of information stored complete the following grid.

  Information Who completes/stores? Who monitors? How is it stored/secured? Who has access? Support/care plans Managers and seniors Managers/seniors Online system Client, support staff Personal information of people who access care and support Managers and seniors Managers and seniors Online system Client and support staff Personal staff files HR HR Locked filing cabinet in locked …


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