Identify sources of support for own learning and development

The best source of support for my own learning and development is my manager. I have regular supervisions with her to discuss any training that I think I need or she thinks I could benefit from.

My company provides regular training and regular refreshers for training we have already undertaken. We have a dedicated training and development manager whom I can approach to discuss my needs. I can also do my own research to learn about topics that I feel I should know more about from books or the Internet.

I find talking with my colleagues and other professionals from the care sector can be great sources of information. A good example of knowledge-sharing between other professionals are the Registered Managers Networks run by Skills for Care (they are free and you don’t have to be a registered manager to attend, although you should contact the Chair first).

Company policies and procedures can also be great sources of information regarding my own personal development.

NOTE: In my Diploma portfolio, I also included a copy of our Supervision Policy & Procedure for evidence.