Describe ways to ensure that personal attitudes or beliefs do not obstruct the quality of work

Whilst in a health & social care setting, a support worker should remain professional at all times and not let personal attitudes or beliefs interfere with their responsibilities. In my job role, I respect the attitudes and beliefs of others and do not try to force my own opinions on the people that I work with. Instead, I try to keep a positive attitude to my work and not take anything that is said to me too personally.

Describe the duties & responsibilities of own role

My current role is to assist two young adults with learning disabilities and autism to live as independent a life as possible. This includes:

  • helping with meal planning and preparation and maintaining a healthy diet
  • helping to plan and organise activities
  • finance management
  • assisting with personal development
  • helping to maintain a good standard of health and hygiene
  • helping to maintain a clean and clutter-free household
  • assistance with medication

I also have responsibilities to the organisation work for, which includes:

  • minimising legal risks
  • following company policies and procedures
  • working in a cost-effective manner
  • seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth

As well as following internal policies, I am also obliged to ensure I work within legal guidelines including health and safety legislation and CQC compliance.

I work with a person-centred values approach, which means that I always treat each service user as an individual and support them in a way that is preferential to them using a mutually agreed care plan.

A copy of my job description has been provided as evidence.