1.1d Explain how your previous experiences, attitudes and beliefs may affect the way you work

We are all diverse individuals with different experiences, views , opinions and beliefs. We don’t all agree on everything and shouldn’t have to, however, at work we should try to remain impartial and not let our attitudes influence the way that we provide support.

Here are some examples of how the beliefs and views of a health and social care worker could influence the support they provide:

  • A vegan not wanting to support a client to provide meat-based meals.
  • Assuming an individual is suffering from physical/domestic abuse because they have bruises (although you should still inform your manager and/or the safeguarding team).
  • Assuming someone who rarely communicates cannot hear you.
  • Not supporting someone to celebrate a religious festival because you believe in a different religion.
  • Encouraging an individual to participate in a religious festival that is important to you but not them.
  • Not all individuals with a particular condition behave in the same way.