Accessing agreed ways of working - care certificate

1.2d Demonstrate how to access full and up to date details of agreed ways of working that are relevant to your role

For this assessment criteria, you must show that you know how to access your employer’s latest agreed ways of working. You may be asked to demonstrate this by accessing a particular policy (e.g. the whistleblowing policy) from company files to evidence your competency.

Agreed ways of working

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Accessing your agreed ways of working

Your employer will provide you with full and up to date details of the agreed ways of working that are relevant to your role. This could be verbally from your manager or (more likely) documented in the form of plans, policies and procedures. Some organisations provide staff with an Employee’s Handbook which contains guidance on how you should behave and the policies and procedures that are relevant to you.

Documentation may be paper-based or digital. If it is digital, you may be given a username and password to access it. Digital documentation will be updated electronically, so you will always have access to the latest version, however paper formats could go out of date so you will need to be aware of this.