How to Support Active Participation in Care Settings

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

Active participation is a way of working that values the input of individuals receiving care when devising and updating their care plan and supports and empowers them to live their lives as independently as possible, including the activities they participate in and the social circles they choose to be part of.

It is all about supporting individuals to make their own decisions, respecting those decisions and working to provide their care around their needs and wishes.

Active participation has a foundation in valuing the people that you care for. By valuing an individual’s personal beliefs, wishes and preferences (even if you do not agree with them yourself) you can empower them to make their own decisions and thus help to increase their self confidence, self-esteem and general wellbeing.

You can also support active participation with the individuals you provide care for by:

  • Being non-judgmental
  • Working in partnership with them
  • Encouraging them to take an active role in their support
  • Finding innovative ways to support them
  • Helping them to challenge decisions that are made about them by others
  • Not making assumptions about what they want or need
  • Communicating effectively with them
  • Valuing diversity
  • Providing equal opportunities
  • Making use of assistive technologies
  • Promoting independence