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Answers for Care Certificate Workbooks

Each standard of the Care Certificate has an attached workbook that learners can use to record their knowledge and demonstrate their understanding of the assessment criteria.

In this section we have provided examples of completed Care Certificate workbooks for each of the 15 standards with the kinds of answers that assessors would expect.

These answers should be used as a GUIDE ONLY and not copied and pasted into your own workbook.

  1. Standard 1: Understand Your Role Workbook Answers
  2. Standard 2: Your Personal Development Workbook Answers
  3. Standard 3: Duty of Care Workbook Answers
  4. Standard 4: Equality and Diversity Workbook Answers
  5. Standard 5: Work in a Person-Centred Way Workbook Answers
  6. Standard 6: Communication Workbook Answers
  7. Standard 7: Privacy and Dignity Workbook Answers
  8. Standard 8: Fluids and Nutrition Workbook Answers
  9. Standard 9: Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability Workbook Answers
  10. Standard 10: Safeguarding Adults Workbook Answers
  11. Standard 11: Safeguarding Children Workbook Answers
  12. Standard 12: Basic Life Support Workbook Answers
  13. Standard 13: Health and Safety Workbook Answers
  14. Standard 14: Handling Information Workbook Answers
  15. Standard 15: Infection Prevention and Control Workbook Answers