Learn, Do Not Copy!
ALL DSDWEB RESOURCES ARE FREE. Please do pay for anything purporting to be from DSDWEB.

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LEARN – Do Not Copy!


The information on this website is intended to support learners that are studying for care qualifications to learn and understand best practice with the aim of improving the knowledge and skills of the care workforce and, ultimately, enabling positive outcomes for the individuals that they support.

We do not condone plagiarism, including the copying and pasting of the information on this website. Instead, we encourage learners to use the resources on this website to support them with their studies, apply the principles to their own practice and write their answers in their own words.


All care sector workers have a responsibility to ensure that they keep their training up-to-date and commit to their own professional development. Therefore, it is important to ensure that principles are understood, rather than simply copying the words of others. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the individuals that you support.

All the resources that we provide are on the public domain, so it is easy for trainers and assessors to check that a student’s work has not been copied from here. DSDWEB also works with the training and assessing community to minimise the likelihood of this happening.

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