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Governance & Regulatory Processes

The unit ‘Governance & Regulatory Process explores legislation, regulation, governance, compliance and the inspection process in adult care settings.

As well as national legislation and regulation, internal governance within your own organisation is also covered as well as the roles and responsibilities of individuals.

There are 6 learning outcomes, each comprising of several criteria.

  • 1. Understand legislation and statutory requirements that underpin adult care provision
  • 2. Understand internal governance arrangements within own organisation
    • 2.1 Governance mechanisms
    • 2.2 Personal accountability
    • 2.3 Protocols, policies and procedures
  • 3. Understand systems and requirements for regulation of adult care services
    • 3.1 The inspection system in England
    • 3.2 Services subject to registration and to inspection
    • 3.3 Key areas of enquiry for inspection
    • 3.4 Grading system and implications
    • 3.5 Sources of information and support
  • 4. Understand roles and responsibilities in registered services
    • 4.1 Roles and responsibilities of key people
  • 5. Understand inspection processes
    • 5.1 Persons involved in inspection processes
    • 5.2 How to prepare for inspection
    • 5.3 Inspection process and information required
    • 5.4 Ways to address the outcome and impact of an inspection
  • 6. Understand wider ranges of regulatory requirements that apply to services
    • 6.1 Regulation processes that apply to the service or aspects of it
    • 6.2 Types of information required for regulation processes
    • 6.3 Regulatory frameworks presenting conflicting requirements