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Services subject to registration and to inspection


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Full details on the scope of registration with the Care Quality Commission can be found here and further details about registration can be found here. Examples of services that are subject to registration include care homes, services that provide treatment for substance abuse and services that provide personal care services.


The Health Foundation defines Acute Care as “…where a patient receives active, short-term treatment for a condition“. In contrast, Social Care services are usually long-term care arrangements to assist individuals with the activities of daily living.

Although CQC does not inspect all services provided by hospitals, they do inspect the following services at every acute hospital (where provided):

  • Urgent and emergency services (A&E)
  • Medical care (including older people’s care)
  • Surgery
  • Critical care
  • Maternity and gynaecology
  • Services for children and young people
  • End-of-life care
  • Outpatient services and diagnostic imaging (such as x-rays and scans)
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