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Service Improvement, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The unit ‘Service Improvement, Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ looks at theories of entrepreneurship and change management as well as the importance of keeping informed about external influences and the markets.

There are 4 learning outcomes, and a total of 15 assessment criteria.

  • 1. Understand the provision for the adult care services market
    • 1.1 Importance of entrepreneurial theory and skills in adult care services
    • 1.2 Factors and drivers likely to have an impact on the service provision
    • 1.3 Wider markets and potential future demands
    • 1.4 Express vision in a way to engage and inspire others
  • 2. Understand the principles of effective change management
    • 2.1 Importance of embracing and inspiring change within adult care services
    • 2.2 Role of leadership in change management
    • 2.3 Theories, models and tools of change management
    • 2.4 Innovation and business development
  • 3. Understand how to develop a vision for the future of the service
    • 3.1 Define personal role in relation to developing a vision for services
    • 3.2 Recognise areas within own service that require improvement in order to provide person centred care
    • 3.3 Review drivers relating to areas of service that require improvement
    • 3.4 Evaluate research findings to formulate options for the future direction of services
  • 4. Work with others to support an entrepreneurial culture
    • 4.1 Recognise aspects the organisation that need to be improved in order to be effective in providing a person centred service
    • 4.2 Identify opportunities for growth and development
    • 4.3 maintain a culture that supports innovation, change and growth