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Facilitate Support Planning to Ensure Positive Outcomes for Individuals and to Support Well-Being

The Level 4 Diploma in Adult Care unit ‘Facilitate support planning to ensure positive outcomes for individuals and to support well being‘ explores theories and principles of outcome-based practice and applying this knowledge to support planning and reviewing. Assistive living technologies are also discussed.

It is made up of 5 learning outcomes, each with several assessment criteria.

  1. Understand the theories and principles that underpin outcome based practice
    • 1.1 Critically review approaches to outcome-based practice
    • 1.2 Analyse the effect of legislation and policy on outcome-based practice
    • 1.3 Explain the impact of the Mental Capacity Act on support planning processes
    • 1.4 Explain how outcome-based practice can impact on an individual’s life.
  2. Be able to develop a support plan to meet the identified needs of an individual
    • 2.1 Support an individual to make choices over decisions to meet their identified needs, preferences and wishes
    • 2.2 Assist an individual to make informed choices about their support plan
    • 2.3 Evaluate risks associated with a support plan
    • 2.4 Assist an individual to understand the risks associated with the choices they make in their support plan
    • 2.5 Work in partnership with an individual and others to identify options, resources and preferences in relation to an assessment
    • 2.6 Record a plan according to organisational systems and processes to support information sharing.
  3. Understand the value of assistive living technology in developing a support plan
    • 3.1 Analyse everyday situations where assistive technology solutions can be supportive to an individual and others
    • 3.2 Analyse assistive living technology for an individual in terms of: a. benefits, b. risks, c. challenges.
  4. Be able to facilitate the implementation of support plans in partnership with the individual and others
    • 4.1 Agree how a support plan will be carried out with an individual and others
    • 4.2 Agree the roles and responsibilities of those involved to implement the support plan
    • 4.3 Ensure implementation of a support plan.
  5. Be able to facilitate a person centered review of support plans in partnership with the individual and others
    • 5.1 Agree the monitoring process for a support plan: a. time, b. people, c. budget, d. compliance with regulators’ standards
    • 5.2 Use systems, procedures and practices that engage an individual and others in the review process according to agreed ways of working
    • 5.3 Review a support plan to include: a. feedback from an individual and others b. assessed risks
    • 5.4 Record review process and outcomes according to organisational systems and procedures to support information sharing
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