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Assist an individual to make informed choices about their support plan

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to demonstrate that you are able to assist an individual to make informed choices about their support plan.

This is very similar to the previous assessment criterion in which you are required to support an individual to make choices over decisions to meet their identified needs, wishes and preferences and much of the same guidance applies.

The individual should be provided with all the information that they need to make informed choices about their support plan, including the potential risks and benefits of each option, and should have the support of family/carers/friends/advocates if that is their wish. Specialised information from professionals may be necessary to make a fully-informed choice.

Again, mental capacity should be assumed and all reasonable steps should be taken to ensure that an individual is able to make their own choices – in cases where an individual does not have the capacity, any decisions made by others must be in the individual’s best interests. Guidance from the Mental Capacity Code of Practice should be followed at all times.


Provide information as well as pros, cons of each option

give them sufficient time to make a decision

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