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Agree how a support plan will be carried out with an individual and others

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to demonstrate that you have agreed with an individual receiving care services and others how a support plan will be carried out.

It is essential that a support plan is agreed upon with an individual and others from the outset so that there is no disparity in expectations or misunderstandings about how care and support services will be carried.

The support plan should be agreed by the service user and any other stakeholders that may have been involved in the care planning process. This could include family, carers, advocates, health professionals and social workers.

Following initial discussions, it will be useful to share a copy of the recorded support plan with all stakeholders to ensure that they are happy with the way that support will be carried out. This also gives everybody the opportunity to voice any concerns they may have as well as maintain an audit trail to demonstrate that everyone is in agreement.


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