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Analyse the effect of legislation and policy on outcome-based practice

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to analyse the effect that legislation and policy have on outcome-based practice.

Care Act 2014

One of the primary aims of the Care Act 2014 is to provide a legislative framework, which focuses on outcomes that are meaningful to service users. As stated in the Care Act Statutory Guidance:

1.1 The core purpose of adult care and support is to help people to achieve the outcomes that matter to them in their life.

This was a change from the previous way of working, in which a clinical “one size fits all” approach was used, which did not consider an individual’s overall well-being or their unique wishes, preferences and aspirations.

The Care Act Statutory Guidance has a lot more information relating to how outcome-based practice should be implemented and so should be read by all learners in its entirety. There is also a lot of information relating to the units on Person-Centred Assessment and Personalisation.

Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF)

The ASCOF is a framework for measuring how well care and support services have achieved outcomes that are meaningful to service users on both local and national scales. This data is used to set priorities, measure progress and strengthen transparency and accountability.


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