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Ways to address the outcome and impact of an inspection

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Following an inspection, you will want to reflect on the feedback the inspection team has provided, discuss it with others and develop an action plan to move forward.

Acknowledging areas of good practice

Areas of good practice identified during the inspection process should be recognised and celebrated. Staff and other stakeholders should be praised for their contributions.

Responding to areas of concern

If the inspection team identify areas of concern, they must be addressed urgently by the provider and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) must be kept informed about the process.

Developing an action plan

How your organisation intends to overcome areas of concern will be documented in an action plan, which you will need to share with CQC so that they can check it has been completed in a follow-up focussed inspection.

Follow-up focussed inspections

The inspection process is usually fully comprehensive and takes a holistic view of the service. However, sometimes CQC will perform an inspection focussed on a particular area. This could be in response to concerns they have received about the service or to follow up on findings from a previous inspection. These inspections are usually unannounced, smaller in scale and will target a particular area of concern to check that it has been addressed.

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