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List the aims, objectives and values of the service in which you work

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By understanding the aims, objectives, and values of the service in which you work, you can align your job role and practice to your employer’s goals and work in the way they expect.


The aims of your organisation are the goals that it wants to achieve by being in business. Your job role will contribute to your organisation’s aims. For example, one of your organisation’s aims might be to become the number one provider of supported living services in your region.


Your organisation’s objectives are the things that need to be done to achieve its aims. They can be thought of as planned stepping stones towards an aim. For example, looking at the aim above, one objective may be to get an outstanding Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating.


The core values of your organisation are the ideals that it strives to uphold in its day-to-day business. Some examples of values may be being non-judgmental or compassionate. It is usually important for an employer to find out during the interview process if an individual’s own personal values align with those of the organisation.

Find out your employer’s aims, objectives and values

To identify your employer’s aims, objectives and values, you could examine their company literature. This information may be contained in brochures, organisational documentation or on their website. Asking your manager or other co-workers may also be useful.


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