1.2c Explain why it is important to work in ways that are agreed with your employer

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Agreed ways of working

Agreed ways of working are the ways in which your employer expects you to work. You will be informed of these by your manager and they should be backed up with relevant documentation in the form of policies, procedures, care plans etc.

Why you must work in the ways agreed by your employer

It is important that you work in line with your employer’s agreed ways of working for several reasons.

First of all your employer may ask you to work in a certain way to ensure your safety and the safety of those around. It may also be to ensure that you work within the boundaries of the law and adhere to current legislation. Some agreed ways of working may be in place so that the care and support you provide meets the individual’s needs and preferences or upholds their dignity and human rights.

If you fail to follow agreed ways of working, you could face disciplinary action or even prosecution.

Example question and answer

How do you implement agreed ways of working in your job role?

I implement agreed ways of working by ensuring that I read and keep up-to-date with all current policies and procedures as well as my client’s care plans and nationwide legislation and codes of practice. As this is a lot to remember, I sometimes have to refer back to the documentation in response to a particular situation. I always work with person-centred values and empower my clients to make their own decisions and live as independently as possible.