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Demonstrate behaviours, attitudes and ways of working that can help improve partnership working


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Partnership working can be improved by having the right behaviours, attitudes and procedures in place.


All partners should have the same shared values, be able to agree upon shared goals and each member should be respected, valued and given the opportunity to put across their point of view.

There should also be trust between partners because you are all working towards the best outcomes for the individual. A positive and supportive attitude with a genuine commitment towards partnership-working helps to build trust between members. For example, if a nurse is explaining how to care for an individual, taking notes will demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in their advice and will give them confidence that you will ensure the tasks are carried out correctly.


Each member should also be punctual, polite and fulfil their obligations (do what they say they are going to do) as this demonstrates respect to the others.

Individual roles should be established early on so that everybody is clear about each member’s responsibilities and to avoid duplication of work. It will be useful to know your own strengths, limitations and role boundaries as well as those of others. Boundaries and protocols should also be established regarding the sharing of information to maintain confidentiality.


Effective communication is essential. This requires being open, honest, accurate and understanding. Repeating what someone has said can demonstrate understanding and reduce the likelihood of miscommunication, as well as ensure that all members are clear and confident about what has been agreed. This also helps to promote empowerment and power-sharing between members.

Decisions should only be made as part of a pre-determined agreed process and not before everyone’s voice has been heard. In addition, minutes should be taken so that there is an accurate record of what has been discussed and decisions that have been made.

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