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Describe the agreed ways of working in relation to medication and healthcare tasks


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As part of your role, you may be required to perform tasks related to medication and healthcare.


This could involve personal care, storing medication, administering medication, nail filing etc.

It is essential that you follow your employer’s agreed ways of working when carrying out these tasks. Agreed ways of working will include policies, procedures, care plans and other organisational documentation.


You should only carry out medication and healthcare tasks that are documented in an individual’s care plan and should ask for the individual’s consent each time.

For most medication and healthcare tasks, you will be required to undergo relevant training and be assessed before you are deemed competent to perform them. You should never attempt a task that you are not authorised to carry out.


Some examples of agreed ways of working relating to medication and healthcare tasks are:

  • Medication administration policy
  • Returns to pharmacy procedure
  • Instructions for using a hoist
  • Individual’s personal care procedures as documented in their care plan

Of course agreed ways of working will vary between different organisations and job roles, so it is important that you are familiar with those that are specific to you.

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