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List the emergency first aid actions they are and are not allowed to carry out

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Unless you have received proper training, you should not attempt to carry it out any First Aid tasks. If first aid is applied incorrectly then it could worsen the condition of the injured or ill individual.

Instead, you should remain calm and shout or phone for help. This may be from other staff or emergency services. If the emergency services call handler directs you to perform first aid, you should follow their instructions.

You should stay with the individual that is ill/injured and talk to them to establish what has happened as well as give them reassurance. Also, observe them and note any changes in their condition.

When help arrives, pass on any information that the individual may have told you as well as what you have observed.

After the event, you will need to inform your manager and document what has happened in line with your organisation’s agreed ways of working. It may also be necessary to contact others that may need to be aware of what has happened such as the individual’s family or carers.

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