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2.2g List the learning opportunities available to them and how they can use them to improve the way they work


This page is designed to answer the following questions:

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One of the advantages of working in the health and social care sector is that there are many learning opportunities available to aid your personal development and improve the way you work.


Your first approach should be to speak with your manager about the learning opportunities available to you. This can be done informally or formally as part of regular supervision.

Your organisation will provide mandatory training for all employees, which you must attend. There may also be options to attend additional voluntary training.


You can also find many opportunities to learn online. There are lots of articles about working in the care industry online, and websites like Skills for Care and Skills for Health provide many free resources. As well as reading material, don’t discount videos on websites such as Youtube as an effective way to learn. You could do your own research that is closely related to your role (perhaps research into some of the conditions that your clients have) and reach out to specialised services such as charities for ideas, advice and guidance.

Note: You should always ensure that the sources of information are authoritative and evidence-based.


Other networks such as CQC, HSE, SCIE and local colleges can be a treasure trove of information.

You can also use self-reflection as a learning opportunity, as well as getting feedback from others and comparing your own practice to relevant standards. These learning activities may help to identify areas for improvement.

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