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DSDWEB Feedback


On this page, I have collected some of the positive feedback I have received about DSDWEB.

I asked website visitors if they had found the website useful and why. These are some of the responses I received.


NOTE: all responses were anonymous

  •  This website helps the thought process kick into gear. It provides the start of the discussion for the student to develop further in their own words. Thanks! 
  •  it has enriched my knowledge in health and social care. 
  •  information has been presented clearly and easily understood
  •  very useful 
  •  helps explain questions and gives examples 
  •  because its got simple explanation to some questions along with good examples
  •  i have received relevant and helpful answers 
  •  I didn’t know how to word my answer and this helps 
  •  info is brilliant
  •   It had a good description which helped with my work, but you could go into a little more detail
  •  I am doing my N.V.Q and need help. Thank you. 
  •  Helping me very much in my course work
  •  It has given me the correct way to answer questions. 
  •  gave me an idea what to write on my own work
  •  it gives me some examples of information for what I need
  •  clear and concise 
  •  its amazing
  •  Things are explained well ,very useful 
  •  helped me with my studies 
  •  Has giving me ideas as to how communication needs to be looked at. 
  •  has helped me with my assignment 
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