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6.3. Identify organisations and agencies that support individuals with autism into employment.


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In the United Kingdom, there are several organisations and agencies dedicated to supporting individuals with autism in finding and maintaining employment. These organisations offer a variety of services tailored to the unique needs of individuals with autism, ranging from employment training to workplace adjustment advice.


The National Autistic Society (NAS), one of the UK’s leading charities for people on the autism spectrum and their families, provides extensive resources and support for individuals seeking employment. Through their employment services, such as the Employment Training Service, NAS offers training for autistic adults to develop employability skills, as well as guidance for employers on creating autism-friendly workplaces. They also advocate for the rights of individuals with autism, aiming to increase understanding and acceptance in the broader community and workplaces.

Prospects, a service provided by the NAS, is another valuable resource for autistic individuals seeking employment. Prospects offer one-to-one employment support, helping individuals with everything from job searching and application processes to interview preparation and workplace adjustments. Their personalised approach ensures that the support provided meets the specific needs of each individual.


Another key player is Autistica, a UK-based charity focused on autism research and advocacy. While Autistica primarily focuses on research, they also engage in initiatives aimed at improving the lives of autistic individuals, including projects related to employment. Their work often involves collaboration with other organisations and businesses to promote employment opportunities for those on the autism spectrum.

Ambitious about Autism, a national charity for children and young people with autism, runs the Employ Autism programme, which aims to increase the employment rate of young people with autism. The programme provides resources and training for employers, as well as internships and employment opportunities for young autistic individuals, facilitating their transition into the workforce.


These organisations and agencies play a crucial role in supporting individuals with autism in the UK to access employment. By providing specialised services and advocating for more inclusive employment practices, they help bridge the gap between autistic individuals and the workforce, enabling them to find fulfilling and sustainable employment.

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