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Explain the importance of ensuring that others are aware of own whereabouts


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When you are at work, you should always ensure that another member of staff knows your whereabouts, especially if you go off-site (for example, to support an individual in their own home)


This is important because it means that your employer can confirm that you are not in the building. For example, in the event of a fire, no other lives will be put at risk looking for you because they believe you are at the main premises. They can also ensure that you are not taking any unnecessary risks and are working within your job role. In addition, it means that your co-workers can locate you if they need immediate assistance with something.

As well as supporting others with their job role, letting others know of your whereabouts also contributes to your own safety. If you were to go missing (for example, if you fainted on the way to visit a client), your employer would have an idea of your location/route and emergency assistance would be able to get to you sooner.


You can inform people of your whereabouts verbally, however, having systems in place can be much more robust. This could be a signing in and out of the building procedure or a shared digital schedule. If you are travelling to multiple locations, there may be procedures to phone the office after each visit to pass on the information and keep a log of your journey. Some employers may even use trackers so that they know where you are.

If you are lone-working, regular contact with others can also be beneficial. In some cases, you may require additional training to ensure your safety. For example, PROACT-SCIPr can be useful for de-escalating or escaping from potentially violent situations. Panic buttons and personal alarms can also aid safety in some situations.



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