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Outline the main points of the health and safety policies and procedures agreed with the employer

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Your employer should have several agreed ways of working or policies and procedures in place to ensure that employees comply with health and safety legislation and that risks to health are minimised as much as possible. It is a requirement that all organisations with 5 or more employees have a health and safety policy and procedure in place.

You will find it useful to read through your own employer’s health and safety policy and procedure to understand the responsibilities of yourself and your employer, and the procedures you must follow to ensure that your practice complies with legislation. This can include protocols for identifying, recording and reporting health and safety issues.

Policies and procedures can be thought of as your own organisation’s practices that ensure compliance with the law, best practices, and the ways in which your employer wishes tasks to be carried out. They are also necessary because they reinforce the importance of health and safety to everyone, promote understanding of what is required and, ultimately, reduce the risk of harm and damage.

As well as a Health and Safety Policy Procedure, your organisation may also have other more granular policies and procedures that provide more detailed information about particular aspects of health and safety. Some policies and procedures that may be in place in your own workplace could include:

It is important that you adhere to your organisation’s policies and procedures because if you don’t, you could be putting the safety of yourself and others at risk. This could lead to harm being caused to yourself or others, disciplinary action or even litigation being taken against you.

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