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Explain the roles of professionals who may provide support to individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities

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There are several professional roles that can provide support for individuals with multiple conditions and/or disabilities. They include:

  • GP – will conduct initial examinations, prescribe medication and make referrals to specialist health practitioners
  • Community Nurse – will make home visits to discuss health matters with individuals and provide health education
  • Specialist Health Practitioners – will provide health diagnosis and offer specialism in specific areas (e.g. dentist, dietitian, learning disability psychologist etc.), they may need to work together if healthcare conflicts arise
  • Social Worker – ensures safety and wellbeing of vulnerable individuals
  • Physiotherapist – assist and educate individuals with physical injuries or disabilities regarding movement and exercise
  • Advocates – speak up for individuals, ensure their voice is heard
  • Appointee – manages the finances of an individual if the are not capable of doing so themselves
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