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Explain where additional advice, guidance or support can be accessed to improve own practice

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

There are many sources of additional advice, guidance or support that you may access to improve your own care practice. Some examples include:

  • The individuals that you care for – listen and take on board to what they tell you
  • Your manager (including informal chats and formal supervision, observations, appraisal etc.)
  • Your co-workers (during induction or handover as well as during team meetings)
  • Formal training (either in-house or from an external agency)
  • Other professionals e.g. social workers, nurses, GPs, advocates etc.
  • The family/friends of the individuals you care for
  • Leaflets, posters etc.
  • Your own research (e.g. at the local library or via the Internet)
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