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Follow agreed ways of working or a plan to support an individual to participate in an activity


This page is designed to answer the following questions:

Part of your role as a care worker will involve promoting and supporting individuals to participate in activities.


When you do this, you should ensure that you follow your employer’s agreed ways of working (policies and procedures) as well as the individual’s personalised care plan.

Examples of agreed ways of working relating to supporting individuals to participate in activities include:

  • Using mobility equipment (such as wheelchairs) safely and correctly, following the correct procedures
  • Ensuring that an individual is free to make their own choice about whether they participate in an activity or not
  • Not sharing an individual’s personal information without their consent

Examples of information in a care plans that relate to supporting individuals to participate in activities are:

  • Ensuring that everything is ready to leave for an activity on time
  • Asking an individual if they need to use the toilet before leaving
  • Ensuring an individual takes a spare set of clothes with them
  • Upon arriving at an activity, asking the individual if they would like you to stay with them or wait in another room
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