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Outline how the factors relating to views on death and dying can impact on practice

Factors relating to common views that are held relating to death and dying can make practice in the health and care sector, especially end of life care more complicated.

Many individuals avoid the discussion about death and can be, to varying degrees, in denial about it. This can be for several reasons including it being a taboo subject, it being hard to talk about and not wanting to upset others.

This can make end of life planning difficult, including making funeral arrangements as there can be a reluctance to discuss it and make decisions.

Western philosophy regarding end of life care concerns the rights of the individual and the duty of care to keep them fully informed of their health and treatment. Other cultures prefer that the family of the individual is informed of any ‘bad news’ and they then decide how much of it they should disclose to the individual. This can also apply to decisions about treatment.


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