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Outline the factors that can affect own views on death and dying

There are a range of different views about death and dying and several factors that can affect our own views.

Exposure to death and dying can influence how we view it. A person that has been exposed to death and the grieving process may be much more accepting of death being a natural part of the human lifecycle. Conversely, if a person has not been through that experience, the mere thought of it can be very scary.

Society can also influence views on death. Some groups in society are happy to talk about death, however for most people (in England) it can be seen as a morbid or taboo subject. There is also the view of maintaining a stiff-upper-lip and not showing emotion in public.

Similarly, our culture can affect how we feel about death and dying. Some cultures view death as a celebration of the person’s life and a time for happiness, whilst in other cultures the sadness and grief is highlighted.

Our religion, spirituality and beliefs can influence how we view death. A belief in an afterlife can be very comforting to some people and make the process easier.

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