Contribute to Drawing Up Own Personal Development Plan

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

To achieve this assessment criteria you will need to provide evidence that you have collaborated with your manager to create your own Personal Development Plan (PDP).

The most useful piece of evidence will be your PDP itself but you can also support this with minutes from your PDP meetings, mentions of your PDP in supervisions/appraisals and a testimonial from your line manager.

You should be able to show how you have:

  • thought about and reflected on your strengths, weaknesses and goals
  • discussed your learning needs with your line manager
  • agreed with your line manager on objectives for your personal development
  • worked towards your objectives
  • reviewed and updated your objectives, as necessary

Example Answer

Along with my manager I have been fully involved in creating my personal development plan. In a recent supervision, I suggested that I work towards my Diploma in Health & Social Care Level 2, which my manager agreed with and we set a timescale for doing it within 12 months, with me to report back on my progress in each supervision. I have requested practical first aid training on multiple occasions but, as yet, have not received any. In another supervision, my manager asked me to be the Key Worker for a particular client, which I agreed to.

1. Level 2 Diploma12 mths1. Enroll on course (done)
2. Complete nine core units (done)
3. Complete optional units (in progress)
2. First Aid Training6 mths1. Ask in supervision (done)
2. Ask again in supervision as not been actioned (done)
3. Await manager response. Bring up in next supervision if necessary.
3. Become Key Worker3 mths1. Learn key worker responsibilities (done)
2. Practice key worker responsibilities in work (in progress)