Describe Ways To Ensure That Personal Attitudes Or Beliefs Do Not Obstruct The Quality Of Work

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

Whilst in a health & social care setting, a support worker should remain professional at all times and not let personal attitude, belief systems, values or experiences interfere with their responsibilities. In my job role, I respect the attitudes and beliefs of others and do not try to force my own opinions on the people that I work with. Instead, I try to keep a positive attitude to my work and not take anything that is said to me too personally.

An example of this is my abhorrence towards fishing. My personal belief is that it is a cruel sport, however one of my clients is a keen angler and, as a support worker, I have to put my personal feelings aside and continue to support my client in this activity. I also do not force my own views on fishing with the client as this would be crossing a professional boundary.

If I felt so strongly that I was unable to support my client in this regard, I would speak to my manager and request that I work with a different client instead.

Other examples of personal beliefs affecting professional work could be someone who has deeply religious views imposing them upon a client or a vegan not supporting a client to prepare meat-based meals.