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Analyse the effects on an individual of ineffective communication.


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Ineffective communication can have several effects on an individual.


First and foremost, it can create misunderstandings and misinterpretations. This means individuals may not have all the facts and be unable to make informed choices about their care and support. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that communication has been understood.

If the wrong tone is used, then individuals may take communication the wrong way, which can lead to them feeling confused, upset or angry. This is especially true with email communications as tone can be inferred in different ways – for example, a quick email that you write when in a rush may be interpreted as rude.


Repeated failures to communicate effectively can also lead to individuals feeling let down, distrustful and suspicious over the long term, which can result in damage to working relationships and bonds of trust that are vital to delivering effective care.

Service user experience and quality of care may also be diminished if there is poor communication between team members. For example, if staff do not record accurate information or carry out a thorough handover, mistakes may be made in future care delivery.

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