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Respond to feedback from those who receive records and reports

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

NOTE: Although this page has been marked as complete, it has not yet been peer-reviewed or quality-assured, therefore it should be considered a ‘first draft‘ and any information should be fact-checked independently.

It is important to respond to feedback from the recipients of records or reports. As well as providing an opportunity for recipients to question or clarify the information that you provided, it can also be used to identify any inaccuracies or flaws and support your own learning and development.

Where there is an obvious inaccuracy, you should correct it immediately. Where there is a disagreement about something that is more subjective, you may be required to present further evidence to back up your claims or decisions.

Your manager may identify some of the areas that you could improve on relating to your record-keeping and report-writing skills during the supervision process. And you may agree on actions and objectives to help you to improve in this area.

All feedback should be valued, considered and used to inform current and future actions and decisions.

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