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Evaluate current systems and processes to identify improvements which support equality, diversity and inclusion.

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to evaluate your organisation’s current systems and processes to identify improvements that could be made relating to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Policies, procedures, systems and processes provide the framework for how your organisation operates, but they may sometimes inadvertently discriminate against groups of individuals. Therefore it is essential that these ways of working are regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with equality legislation.

Identification of areas for improvement can arise from quality audits as well as feedback from service users, their families, staff and other health and social care professionals.

For example, the organisational policy may dictate that all meetings take place in a first-floor meeting room. A service user that has a mobility impairment may inform you that having to walk up the stairs to a meeting room wears them out and makes them too tired to meaningfully contribute to the meeting. Therefore, this policy may need to be changed so that the individual is treated fairly by being more flexible with meeting venues.

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