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Contribute to development of policies, procedures and practices which identify, assess and manage risk

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As a lead healthcare practitioner, you will have responsibilities that involve contributing to the development of policies, procedures and practices which identify, assess and manage risk.

As well as carrying out risks assessments, you will also contribute to the development of the risk assessment process to ensure that the way risk assessments are conducted improves over time. This will form part of your organisation’s quality assurance process.

This could include containing feedback from both staff and service users about how risk assessments are carried out, as well as reviewing the organisation’s accident and complaints log to identify where improvements could be made. You may hold regular meetings to discuss health and safety and provide opportunities for team members to ask questions.

Positive risk management involves balancing an individual’s safety against their right to make their own choices (even unwise choices), so the collation of information may indicate that your organisation is too risk-averse (or vice versa), which could prompt a change to the way that risk is identified, assessed and managed internally.

Risk assessment practices could be improved by ensuring that all staff undergo training in relation to this task. This would also help to ensure consistency with the risks assessment process.

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