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Work with others to assess and manage potential risks


This page is designed to answer the following questions:

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to demonstrate that you are able to work with others to assess potential risks.


A collaborative approach should be taken when assessing risk because it brings in different perspectives and ideas that can improve the process. ‘Others’ could include service users, service users’ family/carers/advocates, co-workers, managers and other professionals.

For example, your local fire and rescue may provide services whereby a trained firefighter will visit your premises to help you identify risks of fire within the building. It is important to obtain expert advice wherever possible.


In relation to the individual risk assessment of service users, it is important to ensure that they are included in the risk assessment process as part of a person-centred approach. Individuals can be thought of as ‘experts’ about themselves because they will have the best understanding of their own unique needs, wishes and preferences. Similarly, an individual’s family, carers and advocates will also have unique insights about the individual, and so should be included, where appropriate.

It is important to balance an individual’s safety with the potential benefits of an activity or decision – taking risks could have a positive effect on an individual’s well-being and so they must be consulted so that their views can be taken into account during the risk assessment process. More information about positive risk-taking can be found here.


The assessment of risk can also be carried out jointly between managers and team members. Each team member will bring unique ideas and experiences as part of the risk assessment process.

Potential risks may also have been reported to you by a team member and such concerns should be dealt with swiftly to ensure safety within the workplace.

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