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Analyse what responsibilities are held for the delivery and quality of self-directed support by: a. direct payments recipients, b. commissioners, c. social workers/care managers.


This page is designed to answer the following questions:

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For this assessment criterion, you will need to analyse the responsibilities of different stakeholders in relation to the quality and delivery of self-directed support. This was already touched upon in the previous section, however, a more detailed (although not fully comprehensive) list of responsibilities is provided below:


Direct Payments Recipients

  • Provide information and participate in the Direct Payments review process with the local authority
  • Manage allocation of personal budget
  • Ensure that the money from Direct Payments is used for its intended purpose
  • Maintain a separate bank account solely for the use of Direct Payments
  • Maintain records of how the money has been spent


  • Ensure individuals have access to advice and information
  • Ensure that individuals have an active role in their care planning and deliver
  • Work in partnership with other agencies
  • Maintain a list of care providers and brokers
  • Commission services, where required
  • Monitor the quality of service provision

Social Workers/Care Managers

  • Assess the individual’s needs (and the needs of their carer or carers)
  • Provide information and ensure that the individual understands their options in relation to their care provision and management of their personal budget
  • Share risk assessments with Direct Payments recipients
  • Review an individual’s needs on a regular basis
  • Ensure the individual has opportunities to be involved in their care planning and delivery and promote this right
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