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Evaluate how far systems and structures in own organisation have adapted to personalisation


This page is designed to answer the following questions:

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to evaluate your organisation’s systems and structures in relation to the personalisation agenda.


This means you will need to look at your own organisation’s policies and procedures and the systems that they have in place for ensuring that they use a personalised approach to care planning and delivery.

Questions that you may wish to ask may include:

  • Does my organisation ensure that all individuals are encouraged to participate in their own care planning and delivery?
  • Do organisational processes put a high priority on identifying and achieving outcomes that are important to the individual?
  • Do current systems ensure that each individual understands their rights and that their rights are upheld?
  • Does the workplace culture ensure that individuals have choice and freedom in all aspects of their life?
  • Do care staff always assume that an individual has capacity unless there is evidence to the contrary?
  • Are service users treated with dignity and respect?
  • How do organisational systems ensure that individuals are able to maintain or increase their independence?


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