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Evaluate the impact of personalisation on own role

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to evaluate the impact of personalisation on your own role. There are several ways that you might approach this.

If you are involved in care planning, you might explain how you ensure that all individuals are encouraged to be involved in the process and that you ensure that they have a choice in all aspects of their care provision.

If you are involved in assessments, you could explain how you ensure that all individuals understand their options in relation to the management of their personal budget. This may also involve performing mental capacity assessments to ensure that individuals are able to make decisions for themselves.

You could show how you promote an individual’s rights by helping them to appoint an independent advocate to speak on their behalf and work in partnership with other agencies to provide a collaborative approach to care.

For those that have been working in the care sector for a longer period of time, you could discuss how your role has changed since the personalisation agenda was introduced.

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