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Explain own role in partnership working

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Your job description will provide an overview of your own role and responsibilities for partnership working in relation to the protection and safeguarding of adults. In addition, your organisation’s policies and procedures will provide guidance and details about what this will entail.

It is important that you clearly understand your own role and responsibilities, as well as those of others so that you are able to work with other agencies and know what to do and who to contact if you have suspicions or are made aware of abuse or neglect. You will need to know who your organisation’s safeguarding lead is and be able to complete accurate records about what you have observed or what has been disclosed to you.

As well as being aware of the policies and procedures pertaining to safeguarding and partnership working, you will also need to be able to establish and maintain relationships with others based on mutual trust and respect. Therefore, you will need to develop strong communication skills and be able to show compassion and empathy during interactions.

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