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Recommend and implement improvements to communication systems and practises


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When areas for improvement to communication systems and practices are identified, they should be recommended, discussed and implemented in a timely manner.


Recommendations could come from several sources, including your evaluations from the previous assessment criterion, quality assurance processes and team meetings. A strong leader will always encourage innovation and creativity within their team and welcome any ideas that could improve working practices.

When recommendations are made, it is important to take them seriously and discuss their viability and how they could be implemented. This is best carried out as part of a group (particularly with the individuals that will be affected most by any changes) and will assist with deciding if the idea should be followed through and how it may be tweaked to have the biggest impact. It will also help with the early identification of any barriers or hurdles that may need to be overcome.


When a decision has been made to make changes to communications systems or practices, a plan should be developed and implementation should be carried out in a timely manner. As discussed in the Decision-making unit, implementation will begin with explaining the plan to team members and the reasons for the changes, with opportunities for them to ask questions. This can help ensure that they are fully committed to the change and are clear about what they need to do to make it a success.


Learners make recommendations and implement change in timely manner.

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