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Using factual data, recommendations, suggestions and ideas in a logical and purposeful manner to inform decision making

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

Learners evaluate how they use and analyse qualitative and /or quantitative data to inform their management decision making which is sourced from for example:

  • Using digital technology to research data and information relevant to their adult care service
  • National reports
  • Company/internal formal reports
  • Media reporting
  • Regulatory findings
  • Complaints
  • Quality/service provision surveys undertaken which have been completed by others

Using the Internet to research information and ideas. Ensure credibility of source

National reports can provide information about the sector as a whole. Regulatory findings ca, too.

Company reports will contain info specific to organisations and may be used to model good practice or inform how a decision is made.

Media reporting will often highlight areas of failure within the sector, which can inform how things may be improved. Care should be taken to avoid fake news.

Internal complaits can shed light on organisational shortcomings and areas that can be improved.

Quality surveys can be used to get the views of a sample of people to help inform decision making. They can be online or via post or telephone or even SMS and social media. Can produce primary data of both qualitative and quantative varieties.

Expalin how these methods informed decision making process.