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Build team commitment to the service and its values


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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to demonstrate that you build your team’s commitment to the service.


One way of doing this is by role-modelling your own commitment and vision.

Developing a commitment to the service amongst your team members is more than having policies and strategies and documented organisational values. You must also demonstrate your own commitment to them to help clarify their own understanding of what is expected. People are more likely to follow what they see rather than what they are told.


If your words are not backed up with definite action, then team members will see you as hypocritical, which can negatively affect the relationship that you have with them.

Your own commitment to the service and its values should be expressed in all aspects of your work.


In addition, you should question or challenge any lack of commitment among team members. If a team member does not seem to be committed to the service and its values, you should ask directly why this is. It could be that the team member has personal issues that are their main priority and they may need additional support from the manager at this time. Of course, these conversations would usually take place in private as part of regular supervision.

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