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Facilitate inclusion of team members when agreeing team objectives

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When agreeing on team objectives, you should facilitate the inclusion of all team members. This can support a feeling of ‘shared ownership’ throughout the team as well as ensure that input from team members is valued and respected.

Inclusion can be facilitated during team meetings and staff supervision.

Team meetings

Agreeing on team objectives during team meetings allow all team members the opportunity to express their views and to share and discuss ideas. The group setting means that a diverse range of individual backgrounds and experiences can be tapped into, which can lead to a lot of different insights.

Staff supervision

Staff supervision can also be used to include team members in the process of agreeing team objectives. A team member may feel more comfortable expressing their views in a one-on-one setting, rather than a group setting. Or they may have particular ideas or interests that they feel would benefit the service and would like to lead their implementation.

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