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Identify performance issues within the team addressing issues positively for ongoing development


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In the previous section, we looked at the importance of providing feedback about performance to both individual team members and the team as a whole. For this assessment criterion, you will need to demonstrate how you have used outcomes from the evaluation of team performance to inform continued professional development and ongoing learning for your team.


To achieve this, you will need to show evidence of times that you have positively addressed performance issues, evaluated what is needed to improve and implemented professional development needs.

For example, if a new team member frequently forgets to fill in service user records, you would raise the issue with them and ask them why they are not fulfilling this area of their responsibility. They may admit that they were not told to do this during their induction, which gives you the opportunity to develop the team member’s knowledge by explaining why it is necessary and showing them how to do it. This may also highlight an issue with the organisation’s induction process and prompt a review to ensure all aspects of the job role are covered. This would be evidenced by the supervision notes and induction process review documentation.

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