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Manage workloads effectively

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For this assessment criterion, you will need to demonstrate that you can effectively manage the workload of yourself and your team. This will include planning how time is spent and who carries out each task as well as prioritising work and ensuring the team are not overloaded.

Time management

Time management is the process of planning and organising how long you and others spend on specific tasks. By managing time effectively, you can ensure that time is spent doing the things that are important, which leads to increased efficiency and productivity.


Managing workloads effectively involves giving a team member the authority and responsibility to complete an assigned task. This ensures that all tasks are shared amongst the team and can increase job satisfaction and morale because team members feel valued, trusted and respected.

Setting priorities

Although you will have several tasks that need to be completed, not all will have the same importance and urgency, so it will be necessary for you to prioritise them so that you know the order in which they should be completed.

There will also be some tasks that are dependent on the completion of another task, so cannot be started until the other task is finished. Similarly, task priority can change over time, so it is important to reassess priorities regularly.

Demonstrating and promoting a work/life balance for self and others

Health and social care can be demanding work and work-related stress is one of the main factors for the high level of staff turnover within the sector.

Therefore, it is essential that you promote the importance of work/life balance within your team and this should be part of your team’s culture. Although working hard whilst at work should be encouraged, team members should not feel that they must work long hours and take their work home with them to feel valued.

You should role model a positive work/life balance yourself and be aware of signs of stress in others so that you can intervene before it escalates.

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