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Record agreed supervision decisions

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All discussions during a supervision session, along with any actions agreed must be recorded. Actions must be clear and have set timescales so that both supervisee and supervisor understand their responsibilities and accountabilities.

You organisation will have documented policies and procedures about how supervision notes should be recorded and stored. For example, this could be a paper-based or computer-based system.

Consideration should be taken about ways in which supervision notes can be recorded that involve and can be owned by the supervisee. The supervisee should understand that supervision is for their benefit as well as the organisations and there should be a mutual commitment to the outcomes. For example, the supervisees personal development plan may be accessible to them at any time via a secure digital system so that they are able to update their progress towards their goals.

Similarly, agreed actions should be easily accessible to both supervisor and supervisee so that they can be referred to during the next supervision.

Assessment criteria

Learners will be able to record supervision meetings and decisions agreed in line with workplace policies and procedures:

  • Organisational procedures
  • Ways to record which can be owned by the supervisee
  • Ways to record agreed actions which can be referred to at the next supervision
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