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Benefits of networking with other agencies and community groups


This page is designed to answer the following questions:

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to critically evaluate the impact of working with other agencies and community groups within your local area that are relevant to your service. This should include an analysis of a range of potential benefits to both those accessing adult care services and the organisation.


Networking means establishing and maintaining relationships with other health and care professionals to exchange information and set the foundations for possible future partnerships. This can lead to the achievement of shared goals in a more efficient and effective way by pooling resources and sharing expertise.

Having a reliable network of other professionals with varying skills, knowledge and facilities allows you access to knowledge and support.


For example, having discussions with other registered managers through local networks facilitated by Skills for Care may identify common issues that are affecting all local organisations. Plans can then be made to overcome these issues collaboratively.

Similarly, if your organisation specialises in providing care and support services for individuals with a specific condition and another local organisation has expertise and resources for individuals with a different condition, you may agree to refer individuals to one another based on who can best care for their needs.


This way of working has benefits for both your organisation and those who access services.

For your organisation, you can share goals, accountabilities, information and expertise as well as pool together resources. This can prevent the duplication of work and lead to ideas and innovations from many different perspectives.


For individuals that use care and support services, it can result in better outcomes and access to resources that may not have otherwise been offered.

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